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Seven mistakes in wearing Karaush™™ ergo baby carriers

Back overstretching

By adjusting the side straps you may have the baby tightly enough against your chest, but do not overdo! It is very important to find a middle ground here: on the one hand, seat the baby properly and securely; on the other hand, let the baby move and breathe freely. Remember to keep the C- bend in the little ones. The video below shows how to do it.

Shoulder straps are not spread out

Shoulder straps, when spread out not carefully, will cut into your skin, which is not comfortable at all. Our shoulder straps are wide enough to enable proper weight distribution, so you will not feel tired even wearing a heavyweight baby. Just be sure to have the fabric on your shoulders spread out as shown on photos 1 and 2.

Properly spreaded straps
Properly spreaded straps

Too low baby seating position

Another beginner mistake is seating the baby too low. The baby weight pulls you forward and down, and your back gets tired very quickly. Remember that the baby's head should be slightly above your chest - at the distance of a kiss (photo 2 above).

Waist strap is too high

The waist strap secured too high will surrender you and prevent proper baby seating position. Secure the waist strap around your hips. Then the back of the waist strap will be on your waist, and the front will position just a little under your waist. The video shows how to do it.

Toddler arms out

Toddlers are more active in baby carriers than babies. Both of you will feel more comfortable if the toddler arms will be out to hug the mom, to point to some objects, and to feel free (photo 3). Toddler's hands out

Back cross is too high

If you cross shoulder straps too high on your back, they will make pressure onto your neck. This will make you feel too tired to wear a baby. You may correct it by placing the shoulder straps moving from the neck and lowering the cross to the low back (photo 4). Proper place for straps cross

Click not secured

Always make sure to have all of the clicks (three of them!) secured. Otherwise you baby may fall down! When you wear your baby carrier properly, it is absolutely safe and reliable, so be scrutionous.

Elena Zaripova

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