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Useful information about Karaush™ ergo baby carriers.

Karaush™ baby sling and ergo baby carrier manuals

Karaush™ ergo baby carriers and baby slings instructions

 Overall safety instructions when wearing a baby

  • Be careful using baby sling or baby carrier while passing doors, avoid corners, doorjambs and windowsills. Your dimensions are differ with the baby in baby sling.
  • Do not bend while wear in a baby sling or baby carrier, even if you hold the baby with one arm. If you need to take something from the floor it's better to squat.
  • Remember that every child is interested in a world around and they use their hands fot it. Be careful do not stand near dangerous objects with your baby in a baby sling or baby carrier.
  • Do not use baby sling or baby carrier as a substitution of car or bike seat!
  • Do not eat hot food or drink hot drinks with a baby in a baby sling or baby carirer.
  • Use shoes without heels and slip outsole. Try to use the most safe way.

Customized Karaush™ ergo baby carrier
Before you'll start we recommend you to look at our stock models in our store.

You can easily order customized Karaush ™ ergo baby carrier model and check out all details using our service.

We maintain individual approach to each client. This guarantees that every Karaush™ ergo baby carrier will suit you and your baby the best way.

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Payments and returning back

We send our goods only after we will have receive full prepayment.

Of course pick up at our office is always welcome :)


We take back pur products during 14 days after you will receive the order in case you have payment receipt and the condition ot a product saved as it was when you had received it.

We could return funds if the product was only in case of inadequate quality of returned product.

Delivery methods

We send our goods only after we will have receive full prepayment.

Around Moscow district:

  • Courier - 300RUR.
  • Russian Post - from 250RUR.
  • EMS - from 300RUR.
Pick up at our office is always welcome :)

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All over the world:

  • Russian Post - from 1000RUR up to 20 days.
  • EMS - from 1800RUR up to 10 days.
  • Any other delivery service using their price.