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Karaush™ Sling Ergo Baby Carriers.

In this article we would like to outline basic features of various types of Karaush™ Ergo Baby Carriers. Above all, it should be mentioned that in creating baby carriers we rest upon our own babywearing expertise, which makes them that comfortable.

At present, we produce three types of ergo baby carriers, each having low-end and premium models: the price for your baby carrier depends on the fabric. The most expensive models are made of fabric designed for slings of specific weaving, which helps to evenly distribute the carrying load.

  • The first model is Karaush ergo baby carrier made of sling fabric with cotton lining or brown cloth.

    As is known, slings are made of different fabrics with different types of weaving, which define sling features, just like composition and quality of threads. Not all fabrics are suitable for ergo baby carriers. Some of them require additional reinforcing materials. This model of Karaush baby carrier is made of the softest and loose slings, while lining adds strength and improves wearing qualities. The wrong side of the carrier back is made from high quality cotton or linen, which does not fade even with multiple washings. At the same time, this type of lining detracts none of the advantages of sling baby carriers. They still remain embracing and cozy. Moreover, this kind of baby carriers is slightly cheaper than the models sewn from sling fabric only.

  • The second model is Karaush ergo baby carrier made of sling fabric of different colors and types of weaving.

    Being a standard model, this type of Karaush baby carrier is made of strong and tight fabric, so that seams carried the baby weight, withstood multiple washings and never broke.

  • The third model is reversible Karaush ergo baby carrier made of sling fabric of different colors and types of weaving.

    This is a two in one baby carrier with specially designed fastening structure which allows carrying a baby any side out. This reversible model is made of fabric of two different colors. It is worth noting, that this model saves your money. Having this reversible baby carrier you decide which side to wear depending on your outfit, mood or the preferences of your baby.

  • The fourth model is a Karaush baby carriers with growing backpanel.

    This carrier is two sizes in one. New type of baby carrier has a construction that allows to extend the back panel size while your child grows up.
    Detailed description of this kind of Karaush™ baby carriers you can read in our article.

Please, follow the link to see how to choose optimal Karaush™ ergo baby carrier for your child.

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